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Our history

The first dairy was founded in Rapla in the year of 1939. Fresh milk came from neighbouring countries and farms, but milk products were transported all over Estonia, including Tallinn- the capital of Estonia. 

From the end of 1940s until the new declaration of independence in 1991, Rapla area  was becoming one of the major centres of milk and dairy products manufacturer in Estonia. In the period from 1965 to the early 1980s Rapla Dairy exported, like most dairy farms in Estonia, about 40% of its production to other Soviet Union countries.

In 1999 Estonian President Lennart Meri opened dairy factor, which was reconstructed and equipped with the latest European equipment. 

In 2005 Russian dairy company Nutritec and Rapla dairy (then it was called Estmilk Production PLC) announce their new partnership and Rapla’s industry starts to focusing  on producing Nutrilak powdered milk for babies. Most of the products were exported to Russia.

In 2006 and 2007 all the equipment was fully updated to meet the highest standards of European quality. In 2007 the plant received the Russian GOST certificate of quality. In the same year the company began to work with the Estonian largest semi-finished and finished food manufacturer Salvest. The product was designed for the Estonian market (brand Põnn), and for export to Latvia and Lithuania.

At the beginning of 2011 the company was renamed to JSC "Solbritt", which continued the worthy tradition of Estonian dairy industry values, using modern equipment, environmentally friendly ingredients and decades of accumulated experience. Today the production management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 quality certificates.

JSC Solbritt dairy’s aim is to process 300-400 tons of fresh milk per day. As it was in 1930, it is also today, that raw materials are purchased only from neighboring farmers.